Impian Izza

Izza, gadis kecil menjelang remaja yang punya banyak keinginan.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kamar impian

Kapaaaaaaan yaaa.. Izza punya tempat kayak begini ni... Kamar cantik dengan interior bagaikan putri raja...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


What is the span of goldfish memory. Do they even have the capacity to remember? These are the questions that this article will endeavor to answer, as well as giving you some great information on goldfish in general.

Well do goldfish have a memory? After extensive research, scientists were able to conclude that the goldfish memory last around 3 seconds, depending on the breed. You may find this amazing and also disturbing at the same time! This that every time your goldfish looks at you, it isn’t able to recognize you, therefore there is no possibility of creating a close relationship with your goldfish.

Also there is another thing that goldfish owners should take into consideration and that is the fact that goldfish are going to be constantly seeing and re-recognizing the same features in and around your tank or aquarium. If you never change the look of your tank, than this can be detrimental to the live of your fish. You have to remember that they are living creatures and one thing that all living creatures have in common, is that they need constant stimulation to stay alive.

If your fish never has the opportunity to see something new every so often, they’re brains will never grow, this is because they are only being stimulated by the same images, time after time. Do your fish a favor and change your tank around as often as possible. The goldfish memory is weak, however you must remember that the brain has other functions also and they have to be stimulated in order for it to keep running.

Can you increase goldfish memory?

Well like any other part of the brain, it has the potential to improve as well as diminish. Different breeds have different time spans of memory, however the average goldfish usually has a memory of around 3 seconds as previously stated. They will never have the capacity to remember things for a great deal of time, however even the slightest memory change will increase their lifespan dramatically.

One of the best ways to do this is by changing the look and feel of your tank consistently. Colors are one of the easiest recognized things from a goldfish memory point of view. Therefore it’s advised to add in bright colors and to change them as often as possible. Just by making these small changes, you will notice a difference in the energy levels of your goldfish and they will generally live for a lot longer than usual.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Just found this link:
Beautiful horses they have.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Alice !!!

If I have a cat, it should be like Alice!!!

May I present Alice the cat. As with most cats she also has a long list of unofficial names given to her by her Mom (my daughter). Alley-poo, Little Princess, Precious, Kitten kitten and "Pew! Who did that!" are among the others. She is a pound rescue picked out as a little kitten. My wife chose her because while all the other kittens were wrestling with each other, Alice just laid in a ray of sunlight enjoying the warmth. While not much of a talker to begin with she now announces herself with a "Perrtt!" followed by a very ungraceful plop as she falls to one side so we may be able to bask in her elegance.

She is not much of a lap cat but on occasion you may wake up in the middle of the night to find her crammed into a crevice somewhere against your body, and just a slight touch while she is sleeping will set the Purr Machine into overdrive. She does not know her place yet in this house for she has two older brothers who outweigh her by ten fold but that doesn't stop her from wanting to use them as practice for the great lizard hunt that takes place in the back yard on warm, sunny days, (Supervised of course ). She also has an older sister that she teases from time to time. During her evening "I'm going nuts" routine of running around the upstairs of our home, she does a very good impersonation of a thunderstorm and sometimes even a locomotive passing by.

All in all, she is a welcome addition to our household. Now someone get me a lint roller!


See ... how cute he is!!!
I found him at

By looking at my picture you can tell that I am the cutest puppy dog ever, well at least my mom thinks so. My eyes say it all. I know my name is not so original. When I came to my family they kept calling me their "Little Buddy" until they could come up with an original name, well they never did. Buddy it is!
Mom is my favorite. I am by her side all the time. I love to go for rides in the car with her. We play a game called Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum. Mom starts to say these words and comes after me. I get so excited I start to run around like crazy until she catches me. I also play a game with my Daddy called "drop in the box" I get a toy ( and boy do I have many) and then go over to daddy. He tells me to drop it in the box and I do. I could play this came forever.
My other favorite game is "tag your it". My human brother or sister will tag me on the head and I will chase them like mad! Sometimes I get carried away and Mom will have to tell me to stop. I have a big brother Ace, who I love to antagonize. When I get bored, I like chasing Ki-Ki and Little Baby around the house (our two cats) That is really fun. I think I am the ruler of the house. In fact, I know that I am. I can be fresh, but I am working on my manners. I have the best life a little doggie could ever have!!!

Pet of My Dream

My name is Izza, I'am 9 years old girl dreaming of having my own pet.
But my mom doesn't allow me to have one.
She said that I have to care of my self first before having them.
I am very sad.
But I have allready collecting a lot of picture of them.